OptionCalc is an iPhone mobile application that does the following
  • Calculate Call and Put price given the stock price, strike price, volatility, time to expire, interest rate and dividend.
  • Easy to switch Day/Month/Year fields. You can also enter absolute expiry like 0.314.
  • Calculate Option Greeks.
  • Calculate 'implied volatility' given the market price.
  • Calculate straddle option prices 5 levels up and down. The step size is configurable.
  • Plot stock vs important Option Greeks
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US Congress

US Congress is an iPhone mobile application that does the following
  • Display US Senators, Representatives across all the States. Allow them to be searched by Name and/or State
  • Show Senator/Represenatative's sponsored Bills
  • Show Senator/Represenatative's voting for a Bill
  • Show Senator/Represenatative's tweets (Twitter).
  • Search Bills in congress - 113, 112 and 111
  • All the President's and Vice Presidents from the begining of US History.
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USA State Gov

USA StateGov is an iPhone mobile application that does the following
  • Get Legislators in each State. For each of legislators, it is possible to check their contact web information and the Bills sponsored by the legislator.
  • Get Bills in each State, categorized if possible. For each of the seleced bill, it is possible to view the title, sponsors, co-sponsors, votes and timeline
  • Get Committees in upper/lower house, its members, their bill etc
  • Get current Events scheduled in upper/lower house
  • Get current districts for each State and each legislator for that district.
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